Parkston Area Foundation Recognition Park

The Parkston Area Foundation Recognition Park is located at the intersection of Main and First Street in Parkston.  The Park serves as a lasting remembrance and recognition of our community heritage.  It is a symbol of appreciation for a community committed to succeeding.

Individuals, families, and businesses can become involved in the park by donating to the Parkston Area Foundation.  There are different levels of recognition in the park which is based on the level of giving.

A Pathway engraving can be purchased for $250-$999.  These engravings are located amongst the pathways in the park.

Donors who give $1,000-$2,499 will have their name engraved on bricks that are located on the Builders Wall at the South end of the Park.

Those who invest $2,500-$4,999 will have their name engraved on the Major Builder Bricks.  These bricks are approximately three times the size of the builder’s wall bricks and are located on the Builders Wall.

Donors who give $5,000 or more will have their names engraved on the Major Donor Wall which is located at the center of the Builders Wall.  This wall will recognize significant contributions from the builders of tomorrow.  Major donors will be listed according to their level of giving.  These levels include: Benefactor ($5,000-$9,999), Advocate ($10,000-$24,999), Ambassador ($25,000-$49,999), Leadership ($50,000-$99,999) and Visionary ($100,000 and up).

Bricks can also be purchased as gifts for families and friends or in memory of a loved one.  Please email info@parkstonareafoundation.com or call 605.928.7938 for more information.